Hangover pills: do they work?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could go out and enjoy a night of one too many cocktails and not feel hungover the next day? It sure would be, but it seems to good to be true, right? It might be possible now, because Biocol Labs offers herbal hangover pills called Something® for a mini rehab. Naturally, I had to give them a try. Here’s how it went.

What they promise

So how do these miracle hangover pills work? On Biocol Labs’ website you can read the following statement: “Something® for a mini rehab contains milk thistle, artichoke and choline, which contributes to the maintenance of a normal liver function, helps breaking down harmful alcohol-induced toxins and restores lost vitamins and minerals. You’ll wake up feeling great.” According to them the capsules protect your liver from toxins such as alcohol, tobacco or chemical substances. Sounds good, right?

How to use them

Using this hangover cure is super easy. You just take 2 capsules before drinking. The only catch with that is you have to take them BEFORE drinking, so some planning is required. The capsules won’t really help you on spontaneous nights that accidentally escalate. However, if you need a little extra help with that hangover, you can take 2 capsules the morning after as well.


€ 16,92 for a strip of 10 capsules.

The verdict

I took 2 pills before a night out with one of my girlfriends. I take testing very seriously, so I made sure to drink enough to where I would normally have a hangover (lol). The morning after I took 2 capsules again. I did still feel slightly hungover, but I felt way better and less nauseous than I would expect to be after a night out. I did have a mild headache.

I was sceptical about these pills and I do think they are quite expensive (given you have to take 2-4 capsules to prevent 1 hangover), but I have to admit that I feel like they did help. I will for sure use them again. However, the fact that you have to take them BEFORE drinking is a downside to me, because you don’t always plan getting wasted.