This CBD lube is what your nightstand is missing

I’m a big fan of CBD products, I use CBD-oil and CBD weed to help with my anxiety and to sleep better. So when I found out Heal Mary created a CBD-oil for you vagina, I had to try it.

The Peach ‘n Love oil* is a multifunctional oil, which is always a plus to me. You can use it as lube during sex (great during post partum thanks to the soothing effect), but even more interestingly: you can use it to reduce period pain. Yes, that’s right, you can massage this oil onto your lower abdomen and the CBD (200mg broad spectrum) will provide local relief when it absorbs into your skin. It’s also vegan and cruelty free, which is super important.

Peach ‘n Love works like regular lube by reducing friction but it also helps soothe. If you are using condoms, make sure they are oil-safe, because most condoms should only be used in combination with water-based lube, since oil can degrade latex.

This oil smells great (like peaches) and I have personally experienced the decrease of period pain when using this oil on my abdomen. An absolute game changer and must-have for you bedside table.

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