What are flower remedies and how do they work?

Flower remedies are a type of alternative and energetic healing, originally created by Dr. Edward Bach. Dr. Edward Bach was an English doctor and homeopath. He created 38 remedies derived from flowers and plants. He believed that emotional wellbeing was crucial to our overall health. The remedies he created support emotional wellness and help you find balance again. Flower Remedies are very diluted (similar to homeopathy) and don’t contain actual plant material but rather the energy of the plants. They therefore are a very safe alternative medicine and can be combined with traditional medicine. Flower Remedies should never replace medical advice or treatment. 

Dr Bach believed that disease occurs when you are out of your natural state of balance. The flower remedies help to restore that balance. The flower essence you need, is the one that has opposite qualities to how you feel. If you feel sad, you need a flower that encourages happy feelings to get you back in that state of balance.

A flower remedy is usually a blend of maximum 7 different Bach flower essences. However, sometimes less is more and sticking to just one essence to tackle the root issue might be the way to go for you. The best known remedy is Bach’s Rescue Remedy, which is a blend of 5 essences that was created to support you in emergencies or traumatic events.

Picture by: Yosogreen

Consistency is key when it comes to Bach Flower Therapy. It’s not a quick fix, since it is very subtle and energetic ‘medicine’. You usually take 4 drops of a remedy 4 times a day (directly on your tongue or in a drink) until the bottle is finished. Typically a bottle will be 30 ml and last you for 3 to 4 weeks. Rescue remedy is a bit different. You can take Rescue as often as needed and you usually take it sporadically and for a shorter period of time, for example after having a panic attack.

Some people, especially highly sensitive people, can notice the effects of a remedy almost straight away. However, it’s more common (and very normal) to only start noticing the effects after a couple of weeks. Which is why it’s important to be consistent and take the remedy until the bottle is finished. For deeper rooted issues or feelings that have been going on for a long time, it might be necessary to repeat the treatment and use another bottle. If you didn’t notice or feel any change, you might need to reevaluate which essences you need in the remedy. It’s a good idea to work with a bach flower therapist or practitioner who can guide you in this process.

Although flower remedies aren’t harmful and technically could be combined, I recommend sticking to one flower remedy until the bottle is finished before trying a new one, in order to give the remedy some time to do its magic.

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